Vacationing on Anna Maria Island? Here you’ll find our suggestions for the best Anna Maria Island Restaurants. From donuts to fish & chips, your family will all find something to love.

Best Anna Maria Island Restaurants

What’s your favorite thing to do when traveling?

Ours is….eat. I bet you couldn’t guess, right? Relaxing with a book in the sunshine or hiking in a park are both close seconds, but as soon as I start planning a vacation, you can be that I’m looking up the best donut shops, coffee shops and fish & chip restaurants to hit up.

Anna Maria has a total island feel and this is reflected even in the restaurants. I’m not saying that there’s no fancy, upscale restaurants around, but a lot of the most delicious places to eat look like dives I’d never want to enter if they were in little ol’ Ohio. Chipped paint, plastic chairs & tables, serves in shorts and T-shirts….but serving some of the most savory food around.

Anna Maria Island Restaurants {Best Breakfast}

  1. The Donut Experiment
  2. Ginny’s and Jane E’s Bakery Cafe
  3. Northshore Cafe
  4. Tintos Colombian Coffee Shop
  5. The Waffle Press
  6. Peach’s Restaurant
  7. The Island Creperie
  8. Island Beach Cafe
Best Anna Maria Island Donuts

The Donut Experiment

Best Anna Maria Island Donuts - all the glazes

You can 100% bet that the first thing I looked up when I knew we were heading to AMI was “The Best Donuts on AMI”. The Donut Experiment hit the top search ranking, and for good reason. Think hot, fresh donuts, dipped in your choice of glaze and your choice of topping. The donuts were cakey & light with a slight crispy exterior. The glaze hits the warm donut and soaks in perfectly. Drooling yet?

Best Anna Maria Island Donuts - all the toppings

My only complaint about this restaurant is that the donuts are too small. You’ll need to order two. Just trust me on this one. I think between the 7 of us we tested pretty much all of their combinations. My favorite? Maple glaze dipped in mini chocolate chips. The chocolate chips melted just ever so slightly in the warm glaze. Oh my….it was so good I could’ve cried. I’m keeping it a secret how many donuts I tried during the week. 🙂

Ginny and Jane E’s Cafe

The bakery’s interior features an eclectic mix of vintage items such as old-fashioned clocks, colorful signs, and whimsical art pieces that create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It is my kind of artistic heaven. The cafe’s outdoor seating area is decorated with colorful chairs, tables, and parasols, giving it a cheerful and inviting ambiance. The bakery is situated along the main thoroughfare (gulf drive). I am pretty excited to sit there when I retire, drink my coffee, and watch the world go by.

Vacationing on Anna Maria Island? Here you'll find our suggestions for the best restaurants on AMI. From donuts to fish & chips, your family will all find something to love.

We stopped here for our morning sugar fix and it is obvious that this is an island favorite! It was bustling! It is an eclectic gift shop and cafe all in one. Their cinnamon rolls and pecan rolls were soft, warm and about as big as our faces. No lie. And we LOVE our cinnamon rolls!

Jennie's cinnamon rolls. Almost as good as Tastes of Lizzy T

North Shore Cafe

North Shore Cafe has indoor and outdoor seating options, and its decor is inspired by the coastal surroundings, with beachy accents and warm colors. The menu at North Shore Cafe offers a variety of breakfast and brunch options, with an emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Our favorites at are the Acai Bowl, the Dragonfruit Bowl, and the Avocado Toast.

North Shore Cafe - great place for coffee and avocado toast

Anna Maria Island Restaurants {Lunch}

For lunch we often crave sub or deli sandwiches. Our top goto restaurants are:

  1. The Cheesecake Cutie
  2. Scott’s Deli

You can’t go wrong with either place. If I had to choose, I would probably pick The Cheesecake Cutie first. But, you have to try them both. My favorite is the Little Joey Italian sub. Scott’s Deli has hot sandwiches. I usually also get their Italian sub but I am next time I think I will try the AMI Philly!

Anna Maria Island Restaurants {Dinner}

  1. Anna Maria Oyster Bar
  2. Harry’s Grill
  3. The Ugly Grouper Bar & Grill
  4. The Feast Restaurant
  5. The Sandbar Restaurant
  6. The Waterfront Restaurant
  7. Beach Bistro
  8. The Beach House Restaurant

Anna Maria Island has a whole host of great dinner choices. We tend to be pretty chill. Anna Maria Oyster Bar is our go to favorite for fish and chips. The Cortez Beach location sits right out on the bay so the atmosphere is as good as the food and the prices can’t be beat. Harry’s grill tends to be a favorite of ours, island feel but classic food. Our parents really enjoy Harry’s and the Feast restaurant.

Of course the list is longer and we have eaten at most of these restaurants at least once. Let us know what restaurants you like the best!

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